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Behind the Scenes: Grad Photo Shoot

Sometimes, I still my find myself shaking my head at the thought that I'm already in my fourth year in law school. Back subjects and a delayed semester notwithstanding, I am finally at that point where I can see the finish line. I've run and toiled enough to have gotten this far: imagine, I'm having my graduation photos taken! In law school! It's still surreal.

Such a mixed feeling of overwhelming disbelief washed over me today. We had our graduation photo shoot scheduled this afternoon and half the time, I was holding back my tears partly because I couldn't believe I've survived the last three years. But mostly because I couldn't stop laughing with my friends! I had my shoot scheduled with my closest friends in the block (and sisses) Chrissa, Kat, and Des. It was such a riot :))

A few months ago we had the ambisyosa idea of posing a la Mega in their February 2015 cover.


It's a running joke among the four of us that we have our counterpart teenybopper artistas (emphasis on teenybopper, lol) and we'd like to believe that under different circumstances, we could have turned out to be much better at being celebrities than being law students :))) 

Hence, even for a day, we decided it wouldn't be that bad to try to have a taste of that lifestyle, at least for our creative barkada shot. We've always wanted to use our previous Portia Ball gowns for some other occasion, and what better excuse to do so than this?

Desiree in kontrabida black, Kat in angelic white, Karla in madame pink, and Chrissa in dalaga blue

#PortianDeAmor, soon on Primetime Bida!

Squad goals, yes/yes?

Ang legit 'diba?! We could've sworn it looked like it was going to appear on print any time soon! Granted, baka pang Candy mag more than Mega or Preview. Lol! But still! We were so thrilled! We insisted on going outside Malcolm even though most others had their creative shots just inside a room. We thought, minsan lang naman kami magpapaka-model, we might as well go all the way! So what if there were joggers and cars passing by? :))))) 

If I haven't stressed this enough: I love these girls to bits. I couldn't imagine surviving law school without them. We just get along so well, on almost all aspects of our personalities, but we're also so different - from taste in boys to study habits - that we actually complement each other. I can't stress enough how important it is to find a solid support system in law school. And while I have a lot of other friends and barkadas that I'm very thankful for in Malcolm, there's a special chamber in my heart for these secretly jologs and showbiz sisters of mine. Ang cheesy! Ganyan talaga pag artista ;)

The four of us with another sis (and fellow OTWOLista, haha!), Nasha

Can't wait for the rest of the photos! Thank you to Zone 5, by the way for the great shots. As for a sneak peek of my own grad pics and creative shots, that'll be for next time! For now, I'll just be displaying them on my iPad for motivation! Almoooost theeeere. 

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