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It's been an entire week of trying to write something deep, something wistful about turning 24. I have had drafts of a blog entry sitting on my task bar for how many days now. Somehow I can't bring myself to finish any one of them.

So, instead, I'll let a song do the thanking, and the feeling, and the appreciating. Sometimes, life takes turns that brings us to directions we never imagined taking. We lose people we love, some we can replace, some we can never recover from. But for everything that changes, life - all its turmoils notwithstanding - goes on. And we continue living it. We have no choice. But, there is beauty in consciously letting go of whatever weighs us down. There is grace in surrender.

Let life take me wherever it pleases. All hands on deck, I'm ready to sail.

"The real life, love, is under the mirror of the surface
So cut my cord I want to know how deep we can take it
See the thing you've been chasing honey
You'll never find it wearing a life vest
You gotta risk your neck, know in your heart it will be worth it

So here we go head first
No regrets and no rules
We can stay as long as we want
Slow dancing in the darkness
And all I know is I wanna be here with you from now on

It's been my fashion to keep my head dry and get my feet wet
Step by step I've been letting you lead me towards the deep end
Well I learned my lesson, honey
Just when you think you're on adult swim
Is precisely when somebody shows you to the ocean

— "Aquaman" by Walk the Moon

Thank you for all your well-wishes, everyone. I really do appreciate it. Sending all my love. ♥