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Study break!

Dear self, in a few weeks, you're turning 24, not 14. So why are you swooning like a crazed high school adolescent at the sight of James Reid?! 

But come on, just look at that face. That beautiful, charming, incredibly endearing face.

HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT HIM TO HOLD YOU AND SING TO YOU AT THE END OF EACH DAY? How can you not reach out for his hands and tell him "Naniniwala na ako sa forever"? How can you not lean in and try to— haaaaayy. :))

The other day, I was so kilig with their Jollibee commercials (both the original and the extended versions), I reached for my phone and ordered a burger steak for delivery. LOL. Yes, his face has that effect on me.

And don't even get me started on his abs.

You can judge me all you want, but this fine, fine specimen has been alleviating my stress in the strangest of ways. And I can't be more glad. And FYI, I am not the only one in my many circles of friends who have recently gotten this James-related affliction. Thank you for the daily dose of kilig, Mr. Reid! *swoooon*

Okay then! Sabi mo nga, back to studying I shall go! ♥