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Baby, it's cold outside

Why hello, internet! I've missed you for far, far too long! I am finally a free elf! Wow, the last few months sure did feel like forever. It's been four years of law school and yet with all honesty I can still say that my favorite part of each sem is when it finally ends! :))

If it hasn't been obvious yet, judging by my Instagram account, I've been obsessed lately with brush calligraphy. This photo is an edited version of one I doodled in one of my notebooks. This is actually a metallic blue pen on black paper, but I had a little too much fun on Photoshop and ended up making look like a vectorized version of its original self. Anyway, I still love it! Seriously considering changing up my logo for the blog now. I wish I can attend a calligraphy workshop this Christmas break - it's definitely one of those things I've been meaning to do but just didn't have the time for. Hopefully, there's one that can pop up somewhere near where I'm living in the South.

With this recent interest in calligraphy, there's one thing I realized: art finds a way. For years, I've been complaining that my life just doesn't have enough art anymore. I hardly have time to read books for pleasure, and I no longer have the leisure of writing for writing's sake. My mind is cluttered with thoughts of academic stuff. I'm always on a rush, I'm always worried about doing something else. There's no time to just do stuff and make art. Which is sad, really, because what kind of life are you living without any semblance of creativity left, right?

But then, I stumbled upon calligraphy by accident. I started trying it out last year and found myself really enjoying it. I'd like to think I've improved since the first time I did it. And you know what? I've come to appreciate the lightness it brings. Doodling makes me feel relaxed; it takes my mind off pressing things, even for a few minutes. It forces me to think of songs to write about, of words that are beautiful enough to be put on paper. It's nothing serious - nothing groundbreaking comes out of my scribbles. But it brings me great relief, knowing that there is somethin g I can still pursue, something I genuinely enjoy and I am good at. It's fulfilling.

For Christmas break, I've downloaded so many TV series, taken note of so many books, and prepared a plethora of albums to listen to. But I also armed myself with new notebooks and pens to while away my time. Art has found its way into my otherwise hectic, frantic life. Time to give it the attention I think it so rightfully deserves.

Happy holiday break, everyone! :) Enjoy the sweater weather! Brrrr!