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Happy Holidays!

The obligatory "Merry Christmas from our family to yours" post! As per usual, it's lunch with the Bernardos and dinner with the Vistans.

For lunch, this year, my Ninong Buggy (who's a chef) prepared roast porchetto with baked potatoes, sundried tomatoes and olives pasta, ox tongue, beef salpicao, beer battered fish and chips with aioli, and melba toast with 4 dips! It's always a sumptuous feast when Ninong Bugs is around.

Christmas Eve, with Mom and Papa, in our living room 

With Kuya Ben! 

Then for dinner, we went straight to Marriott where we were also booked for the night. My Tita Karen is home from Bali, so she and my mom decided to treat us for a short staycation for the weekend. We had beef caldereta, sinigang na hipon, pancit canton, and lechon Cebu. The next day, after breakfast buffet, we said hello to Tita Gina at St. Therese's.


And now, I'm at Batangas, where I'm enjoying the vacation-cum-sembreak the only way I know how: by bumming around and eating! Happy holidays, indeed!

I have lots of things and feelings to share about this Christmas, but maybe that's better reserved for my end-of-the-year post. For now, let me enjoy the small things that did make my holidays special, like the company of friends and the pleasure of quiet moments with family. And the taste of my freedooooom! Woohoooooo!