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Some loves just find their way back

Thanks to a little bit of fate and a whole lot of work, I was invited to the Summit Media Men's Titles* Christmas Party last night. My friend Ria is an editorial assistant for the Men's Health website, and for the last few months, she has been asking me to contribute some light, humorous articles here and there when I have the time. I gladly oblige when she thinks of timely article ideas for which she could use my "skillz," and I don't have much on my plate. It's been great so far, actually, and it's something I enjoy doing because it takes my mind off school. I get to do articles I normally wouldn't have the chance to write, for many reasons. We both agreed I'll be writing them under a pseudonym** and thus far, the name has allowed me to be more risque, more off-color than usual. Which I guess, only translated to better writing.

And so imagine my extreme delight when both Ria's editor and the chief of all men's titles invited me to come over for their Christmas party, because they personally wanted to meet me. #KILIG

It was so surreal being told in person of how much your work is appreciated. This is what I miss most about the workshop - and college, in general. Critique and appraisal. You only ever grow as a writer when you get feedback. And when it's coming from people in the industry you respect, it will always get you floored. (Especially when they personally invite you to continue writing for them because they really like your voice.)Shaking hands with "The Chief," and hearing him tell me that I should never stop writing - it's music to my ears. The fact that people of their caliber respect the work that I do (and my sense of humor! They think my writing is hilarious! Lol) is probably the best kind of compliment I've received in a long time. But probably none more adulatory than actually being invited to contribute for their other titles, both on web and on print. It's (pardon my French) <i>abso-fucking-lutely</i> incredible.<br /> <br /> [Bonus: I felt so starstruck that I got to rub elbows and share chips with Top Gear's Dinzo Tabamo! I just had to take a picture with him - for making-the-boyfriend-jealous purposes hehe]<br /> <br /> I sound like such a douche, right now, don't I? Like I'm pumping my imaginary chest and flexing my arms to show off my metaphorical guns? :)) I'm sorry, I just had to write about this because I rarely get to go out and have a night for the books these days. Hahaha. #sad #whatsociallife

The thing is, I think I've reached that point in my life where I've accepted that writing is not going to be my main career. At least not for now. Law, with all my ups and downs, is something I've grown to appreciate. Now that I'm almost at the tail-end of my law school journey, I've come to like it. And yes, I want to finish it. That, I'm already sure of.

But some loves you never let go. And when opportunities like this present themselves to me, I will always, always grab it. I guess there will always be parts of me that will never be as happy as when I get the chance to put words on paper. It may be trivial, it may not be earth-shattering. But like I said in my previous post, art finds a way. When it comes knocking at your door, who are you to turn it away?


* Summit Men's Titles include Men's Health, Top Gear, and FHM. 
** A pseudonym which shall not be revealed for now, but let's just say I call her my party-girl-from-Alabang alter-ego. HA HA HAHAHA. Oh, the many lives we live when we write.