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As I am writing this, it is a day past your birthday. It is actually the 29th on February, something that happens only every four years. The year we first met, 2008, was a leap year. In one of our first meetings, you joked that you were born on this date, but I was quick to point out your birthday didn't fall on a leap year. Cue nervous giggles. Who would have thought those small talks would lead to this.

The last February 29 I had, I was in a very different place, as you were too. We weren't friends yet; just on Facebook. I greeted you a happy birthday, you said thanks, and that was that. But then, somehow, the universe played tricks on us and decided to bring us together. When I think about the many things that have happened in the last four years, I still find myself shaking my head - in disbelief, in awe, in gratefulness.

To the person who has brought me so much light: happy, happy birthday. Here's to many more leap years, and giant leaps in life with you.