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Surreal / So Real: What I learned about becoming a fan of a loveteam

Scout asked me to write about #OTWOL, but after last Saturday's concert (which I attended with my equally-crazed friends), I ended up writing about #JaDine. Kind of the same thing, if you ask me.

I've already been asked before: "Why are you spending so much time on this?" I tried coming up with scholarly, dignified answers - it's something that lets me apply my knowledge on private international law, particularly on the laws on marriage; it's a show whose writing reminds me of the kinds of works I used to study back in college - but the truth is, I just really enjoy it, unabashedly, with no real definite explanation, like a lovesick teenager with raging hormones.

I find the greatest joys in the simplest of things - and sometimes, that means things that aren't high brow, things that aren't always rarefied in taste. But who's to say there's nothing to be gained in enjoying the smoke and mirrors of all this spectacle? There's a lot of truths I've found about myself ever since I've jumped into this rabbit-hole of a fandom - from my projections about my career to my perspective on love and friendship. (For one, I realized I think I'd really love to pore over contracts and litigate in the media, literary and entertainment industry - but that's for another post altogether.)

Most important, I think, is (taking a cue from James and Nadine themselves) the message that life rewards the honest and the patient. There is bravery in quietness; there is strength in forbearance. Sometimes, life isn't just about "pushing." There is also beauty in surrender, and in letting things just fall into place.

*cue Bahala Na*


Anyway, here's the link to the article that I wrote. Forgive the unabashed fangirly-ness! It's not everyday I get to write about things I love in spaces other than my blog. *sheepish grin*