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Losing the Faculty Center

How do I even write about this grief? I am overcome with sadness and devastation. What a terrible loss: all the books, manuscripts, and documents; all the memories we've come to attach to the spaces; all the future generations who will miss out on the many stories that each bookshelf will tell. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of all my professors, whose greatest possessions in life are, no doubt, their collection of books and their life's works, all found inside the Faculty Center.

Indeed, it is so painful to lose art and history. To stand in front of CAL last night and see the flames crawling across each beam, each wall - truly heartbreaking. What a way to welcome the National Literary Month of April.

It feels like I have lost a friend. But we can rise from the ashes. You will always be home, CAL.


(photo credits to the Inquirer and Angelo Gonzales)

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