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Light up the stage

       Team Sleep

you make that dance look so new
and I'm on a face like you've never seen

On most nights, I go to sleep with a heavy feeling in my chest, the kind that makes me feel sad for the country and what happens to each of us when we set out for the real world.

But there are nights when I am unfettered by these thoughts, and instead I go to sleep dreaming of dreams I used to have, the kind that will let me pen stories about people and places, about love and loss, about things unsaid between gasps for air. And every single time, these scenes I create in my head, that chimera of putting to paper something fleeting but powerful, it's punctuated by the sweeping choruses of this man. 

Chino Moreno, thank you for saving my life many times over. Thank you for Deftones, for Team Sleep, for Crosses, for Palms. For every album, for every band you were in. For helping me see beauty in the darkness, but also the exquisiteness in finding the light. It has been years, and you're still carrying me through. Look at how far your music has gotten me.