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Signs of Life: Back from the US

I came back from the US about a week ago but have just recently re-adjusted my body to the nights and days on this part of the world. I was gone for twenty-one days, on a time zone sixteen hours away. And I have nothing to complain about - I had a fantastic time, I visited places I've only dreamt of seeing and I wish I could write about all of it.

But as I'll have you all know, I'm on a tight schedule. The trip was meant to be my graduation gift, after finally finishing my law studies (in nine semesters - hahaha). I took it early this year for a reason, and that is, so I can go back and focus on my review for the bar. So while I spent the last three weeks happily gallivanting around San Francisco and Los Angeles (and a small part of San Jose), it also meant I had to work on my calendar so that I am not behind on my preferred study schedule.

I know, I know, isn't it too early, blah blah blah. But four-and-a-half years in law school have taught me what I needed to know about myself, and that is, I'm only good at procrastinating when I'm writing. Not so much on my studying. So if I can get a head start on things as soon as I can, that will be terrific.

As such, I won't be having the luxury of writing about the entire trip as lengthily as I want to - at least for the moment. I just wanted to give you guys (the four or five of you who might still be reading this thing, LOL) a quick update on what's been going on in my life. And at least give this blog some signs of life.

Maybe I'll find the time to write during my study breaks; maybe not. But at least, consider this my notice to the world. I'm back, but also, not really. :))


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