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You'll be out of the dark, yeah you'll get your shot

Still a favorite after all these years. It never gets old; I never get tired of it. I can't count the times this song has pushed me out of bed, driven me to work, led me to ten thousand steps under the glow of business district lights, made me feel less alone and terrible, pushed me to my limits and embraced endings just as much as beginnings.

The chorus is a play on the words "son" and "sun." Quite literally, the singer tells the story of his wife giving birth while in the backseat of his car on the way to the hospital, hence "son's gonna rise." It's a pretty clear scenario. But the wordplay and the imagery that follows the homophonous similarity - that the "sun" is going to rise - is what echoes much more loudly for me. The sun, at any moment now, will crest on the horizon. Better things lie ahead, and the light cannot come soon enough.

I've been running, driving, reading for leisure - thing I haven't done in years - and it all feels new. But then, it all feels right too. Baby steps, small joys, silver linings - getting by one day at a time. Maybe this is just how it is to be a better version of myself. Still the same, but not quite.

Sun's gonna rise, Karla.

In a mile, you'll be feeling fine.