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Because on the 26th of April I am: [a] turning twenty-seven and six months (God, October feels like ages ago) and [b] celebrating the first anniversary of the day our bar results came out. WOW. IT'S BEEN A YEAR.

And by the time I reach 80
I would have fallen in love with
An entire city.
All the people on the streets
Would follow me down with
A knowing.
All hate gone. All sorrow.
The word absence would not
make sense.
The dinosaurs are still underground;
All the species the eco-warriors were not able to save
Have walked without regret to wastelands they haven’t found yet;
Most of the people we love, walking or dead,
Are sometimes in the dust we sweep out on Sundays.
The trees always leave an instant mix,
Just add water
And we are still
Remembering even what we try to forget.
The once loved, the once loving,
The kept, the abandoned,
Finally making sense of it all.

— "27" by Nerisa del Carmen Guevara

(Interestingly enough, April 26 is also World Intellectual Property Day. How apropos. Sometimes the cosmos aligns at the most fitting of ways.)